medea-awards-2014_PRIZE WINNER

Digital Tales: An eTwinning Project in 2014 


2 Primary Schools: 1 inVuorentausta/Ylöjärvi, Finland and 1 in Sparta, Greece

3 Classes: 1 in Finlad and 2 in Greece

66 students: 16 Finish 7-years-old students and 50 Greek 7-years-old students

5 Teachers: 1 Finnish Teacher and 4 Greek Teachers – 1 Drama Teacher, 1 Arts Teacher and 2 Language Teachers 

A suitcase or a spacecraft as storystarters

Our infinite imagination


Each Class made a story about either a suitcase or a spacecraft, recorded it and illustrated it with eight or ten pictures.

Those pictures were sent by snail mail to the partner abroad without revealing the original story’s plot.

The partner made and recorded its own collective new story based on those pictures and sent it back to the original story makers.

We made five stories in total. Four of them were digitized: one by the teacher in Finland and three by the Drama teacher in Greece.

Apart from our digital stories, enjoy our presentations of our classes, our schools  and our cities


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