Welcome to Sparta

Welcome to our city and the 1st Primary School of Sparta in Greece!

For a quick tour of our city and school we created a glog, a multimedia poster! 

photo glog

Click below and check it out:

Welcome to Sparta

Alternatively, please watch the following video we created and read the fast facts chosen by our students.

Fast Facts about Sparta:

–  Population: 17,408

–  In South Greece

–  Sunny Mediterranean Climate

–  Spartathlon: an ultramarathon between Athens and Sparta


–  At the Site of Ancient Sparta

–  What was it like to grow up as a boy in Ancient Sparta?

Spartan boys were trained to be soldiers from their youth. They were raised by their mothers until the age of seven and then they would enter a military school called the Agoge. At the Agoge the boys were trained how to fight, but also learned how to read and write.

An Ancient Spartan

–  What was it like to grow up as a girl in Ancient Sparta?

Spartan girls also went to school at the age of seven. Their school wasn’t as tough as the boys, but they did train in athletics and exercise. It was important that the women stay fit so they would have strong sons who could fight for Sparta. The women of Sparta had more freedom and education than most Greek city-states at the time.

–  This is what the local food looks like:

Siglino (salted and smoked meat)


Lalagi (fried bread)


Diples (fried sweet with honey and almonds)



medea-awards-2014_PRIZE WINNER

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