During Miranda Koumanakou’s “Digital storytelling in the classroom” workshop for adults at the 2nd Athens Science Festival on 22-3-2015, the Digital Tales eTwinning project was presented.

Here are the workshop’s presentations in Greek!

1st Koumanakou’s digistory workshop presentation

2nd Koumanakou’s digistory workshop presentation

Here is the workshop activity: let’s make a video – a photo story in the classroom on a simple format! All we need is at least one PC with Movie Maker and Audacity, as well as a voice recorder (i.e. an MP3 player)!

What is the goal? Firstly, to produce a short news photo story titled “Coffee prices are rising in Africa”, which should be no longer than 60 seconds using 7-8 images from the images provided below (nothing else!) and, secondly, to create a voice over. 

Pay attention to the messages you are building!

Thank you Armin Hottmann and Viducate for this useful activity for beginners and for your original photographs! Photos are free for educational use.

P1040176 P1040175 P1040171 P1040168 P1040164 P1040162 P1040161 P1040159 P1040158 P1040153 P1040152 P1040143 P1040142 P1040136 P1040097              P1040051

Here is the storyboard:


Please find two useful “how to” guides in Greek for editing image and sound: 

about MovieMaker

about Audacity

For more ideas about incorporating digital storytelling in the classroom, please have a look here: 

in Greek

in English

As far as the Athens Science Festival is concerned, it is a celebration of science, innovation and technology, with free entrance for all ages. It is an event in the center of Athens, in cooperation with 90 agencies from the research, academic, educational and artistic space. Within six days, from 17 to 22 March, approximately 25,000 people and 8,000 students visited the Technopolis of Athens to become acquainted with the magical world of science! A total of 370 different events took place across the Technopolis, completing over 200 hours program: workshops, educational events, training games, academic presentations, discussions, performances, screenings, exhibitions and interesting lectures by distinguished Greek and foreign scientists.

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